How do I apply for a medical certificate?

You can apply for a medical certificate in CASA's medical records system, MRS. You will need to enter your Aviation Reference Number (ARN) to login to MRS.

I don′t have an ARN. How do I apply for one?

Findout through this website https://standard-page/arn-applications

How does CASA deal with pilots with colour vision deficiency?

Australia is more flexible in its approach than other countries in allowing applicants to sit multiple sequential tests for CVD where a fail is recorded and a medical certificate can be issued if at any stage any of the three-level tests are passed.  Most overseas regulators do not allow this level of flexibility.

The procedures are:

Initial issue of class 1 medicals

Applicants for a Class 1 Medical Certificate must either satisfy the criteria specified in CASR 67.150, or be found by CASA not to pose a danger to safety on account of their CVD. To satisfy the requirements of CASR 67.150, the applicant must first attempt the Ishihara test. If they fail that test, they must then undertake the Farnsworth Lantern test. If the Farnsworth Lantern test is also failed a third level of test specified (for the individual case) by CASA must be undertaken. Failure of that third-level test may allow for the issue of a medical certificate if CASA finds that the applicant's CVD does not pose a danger to safety. A Medical Certificate issued on this basis will be subject to certain limitations or restrictions.

Initial issue of class 2 medicals

If the Ishihara test is failed, a certificate will be offered restricted to day VFR only. If the applicant wants this restriction removed, they must pass one of the tests as per Part 67.

Class 1 medical renewals

No immediate change. CVD Class 1 pilots may need to undergo a CAD test in the future.

Class 2 medical renewals

No immediate change.

Air Transport Pilot Licence applications

A certificate will not be issued until a test has been passed as per the existing regulatory requirements.

Can I get a copy of my current medical?

Yes. You can get a copy of your medical certificate from MRS free of charge.

How long does my medical certificate last?

A Class 1 medical lasts 1 year. If you are older than 60 and fly under an ATPL, a medical test lasts 6 months.

A Class 2 medical lasts 4 years if issued under the age of 40, otherwise 2 years

A Class 3 medical lasts 2 years

What are the components to testing?

Class 1 Medical Certificate &  Class 3 Medical Certificate
At the time of being offered an initial medical clearance, the following tests are required

·       Blood tests

·       ECG

·       Audiology

·       Ophthalmology

For subsequent medical exams the following requirements are:

·       Blood and audiology tests are required on on the 5th and 10th birthdays (e.g. 25, 40 etc)

·       An ECG is required every 2 years for a class 1 until 40 years and then annually.

·       For a Class 3 an ECG is required every 2 years.

·       An Ophthalmology review is required every 2 years after the age of 60.

Class 2 Medical Certificate
No specific testing is required unless a medical condition requires ongoing review.

What are the costs involved?

That depends on a number of factors.

Medical assessments cost $250 – this is the cost for a Class 1 or Class 2 without further testing required.

If you attend the assessment without having undertaken the CASA online assessment or cancel within 24 hours there is a $100 fee.

Hearing test cost is $80

For an extra fee, I can come to your office or place of residence. This can be negotiated depending on notice, distance travelled and timing of your appointment.

Urgent appointments may be able to be achieved, please contact me by telephone to discuss.

As listed above, the common tests are:

·       Blood tests:  For the basic blood tests, these are organised through Melbourne Pathology. 

·       ECG: I perform these onsite during your appointment for a fee of $100.

·       Ophthalmology (eye tests): You will need a CASA authorised opthamology report. CASA qualified opthamologists can be found here.
(Please note CASA keeps changing the link. Please let me know if its not working).

·       Audiology (hearing tests): I am able to offer audiology screening on site during your medical assessment. These costs $80.

Ophthalmologists set their own individual fees. Please check the costs prior to proceeding.

Please note that complex case management will incur extra fees.

Formal advice on medication compatibility with flying, the best course of recovery after a procedure or similar medical advice incurs a $88 fee.



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